Ludei has managed to attract over five thousand new developers to create games via their HTML5 platform , the increase erupted after it adopted 3D technology support via WebGL. This allows developers to create , test and distribute HTML5 games on mobile devices on various platforms such as iOS , Android , Chrome and wait for it… Tizen!

This announcement of 3D adaptation via open WebGL standard came at the end of march. For the first time WebGL runs on any device that supports HTML5 animation complex thanks to Ludei 3D rendering. Ledei was released five months prior and is already responsible for the distribution of 400 games.


“There’s no skepticism out there about whether HTML5 is ready for game development, but the developers at Ludei platform is proof that the time has come,” “Our developers have published high-performance gaming with complete features including native in-app payments [in-app payment], social networking and advertising for each market the popular mobile and Web from a single HTML5 code base.” – Eneko Knorr Ludei CEO.


3D game developers can bring their 3D games to many different platforms due to the cross-platform nature of HTML5 web applications. Ludei supports publication to various stores such as Apple’s App Store, Google Chrome Store , FirefoxOS market, Pokki, Intel AppUp and Intel Tizen Store.


Source Tizen Indonesia