Intel are soon to launch a new processor code-named Bay Trail targeted for tablets and will cost under $200 according to a company executive. During a news conference in Taipei at Computex , Vice President & General Manager of Intel’s Mobile and Communications Group Hermann Eul stated “We believe we can push it well below the $199 price point”.

This is a very low price for tablets with Intel processors as the most recent being between 200-400 dollars. So now Intel is pushing manufacturers to sell Intel tablets for under $200. Eul also stated that Tablets with Bay Trail will run Windows 8.1 and Android which will contain 7 – 10 inch screens and that the chip will be twice as fast with three times the graphics capability compared with Atom processors.

This certainly shows Intel are being very aggressive in their approach as they recognize the importance of mobile computing . Intel have already implemented Intel Atom chips in tablets most of which are running Windows 8.

An interesting note for Tizen fans is that Intel will also support Tizen OS for smartphones and tablets , Eul stated that Intel couldn’t share further details about plans for the Tizen OS. We already know that at some point a Tizen device will be released and Intel are showing their intent to support tablet computing and Tizen OS , suggesting there will be a Tizen based tablet released as well as the smartphone. Although no dates or plans have been confirmed as of yet.




Source Computerworld