Students from Carnegie Mellon University , Silicon Valley (CMU-SV) built an application at the Tizen Hack Competition alongside the Tizen Developer Conference. CMU-SV students came 2nd place from all participants , which included pro developers. CMU-SV students have an impressive list of Hackaton wins under their belts.

The app CMU-SV students developed was ‘Tour Out’ app which aids students discover events and tours that offer free food as-well as opportunities to showcase their talent. The students used GPS information and NFC to support the applications features. One being contact exchange.

24 Hours of hacking later the team finally finished their app 2 hours prior to the deadline , meaning they had more than enough time to plan a brilliant demo , which included the explanation of technical stacks and how the Tizen API was used. The team of students have a record of success at Hackathons after having recent wins in the Hertz Hackathon and CMU-SV HTML5 Hackathon.


Source Carnegie Mellon University