Last week Tizen Experts discovered that Unity will support the Tizen operating system from an Article i had written last week. Now the Tizen community has more news to boast about because the Unity game collection will be available on devices running Tizen. This will be available immediately once the Tizen App Store is launched which is expected to be around Q3 of 2013 which is when a Tizen device is expected to be released.


 “Unity Support for OS Tizen ensures a large number of talented developers making some of the most entertaining games to have efficient and robust channels to publish their titles on the Tizen Store.” – Royichi Sugimura, Chairman of the Tizen Association.


Measures to port over the collection are in progress and began when Tizen formed a partnership with the game development engine and editor of Unity. This will expand on Unity game distubtion channels. So developers for Unity will receive full support  if they wish to publish their games on the Tizen App Store a little later this year.

Below is a Video of SHADOWGUN (Unity) running on a Tizen Device:



Source Tizen Indonesia