This is a work in progress client for on the N9/N950/N900 phones. I wanted to share what is already done because I’ll focus on some other projects the next weeks.

Currently supports:

  • Searching mixes
  • Exploring (tags)
  • Playing a mix (double tap on cover to toggle play)
  • Skiping tracks (swipe cover to skip current track)
  • Command line parsing to start playing on launch (ochotrack –random tag,tag)
  • Play controls with headset buttons
  • Share current mix url (n9 only)
  • History of mixes

Not supported:

  • User profiles
  • Get mix details
  • Liking/Favoriting a mix
  • Following users

Video preview (volume is low in purpose, to prevent being flagged on youtube)

MeeGo Download (N9)

Maemo Download (N900)…_0_4_armel.deb

Note: If you have problems with sound on N9, it could be related to Faster N9.


Source Maem.Org