Over the last few months we have seen BlackBerry 10 listed on HTML5test.com with amazing figures of compatibility of up to 485+11.

Well looks like their is a new sheriff in town and his name is Tizen and currently listed as 492+16

Now these compatibility figures on their own do not paint the full picture as theres more to it with regards to speed and rendering but this is certainly a very positive figure. Also we need to note that the OS has still not been released and is getting further “polished”.

Comparing Tizen to BlackBerry 10, We see that Tizen beats it on:

  • Ogg Theora Support
  • WebM Support
  • Custom Content Handlers
  • Experimental Web Audio API

With devices being released later this year in France by France Telecom-Oranvge (and possibly Huawei) it seems Tizen is now getting ready for primetime.
Picture by Daniel Juyung Seo.