NFC TagWriter is an application which allows users to:

  • Read Tag
  • Write Text Tag
  • Write URI Tag
  • Write VCard Tag
  • Write Smart Poster Tag
  • Write Bluetooth Audio Tag

Most tags that are created can only be readable in applications. Creating a tag with URI is just a weblink. Its works by the default NFC system and is readable by applications. This does not allow a link which is click-able. This can be a problem when adding VCards, BT Audio, and Smart Poster Tag.

NFC Tag Writing Plugin is a simple plugin which allows users to share a range of different items from their device by writing the content onto an NFC tag. This allows users to create a range of different tags such as contact information which allows users to give a tag instead of a business card.

NFC Interactor is an application which can be used to read tags, save tags and write to tag. It allows users to write the following NFC tags:

  • Smart Poster
  • URI
  • Text
  • SMS
  • Business Card
  • Social Network
  • Geo
  • App Store
  • Image
  • Annotated URL
  • Custom
  • Combination
  • NFC Interactor Autostart


Source My Nokia Blog