Lipstick-QML-Maemo 5-style-Desktop-Running-Nemo-Mobile-Avatar
Here is Robin Burchell filling us in with Lipstick, which is a toolkit for creating User Interfaces for Mobile Devices.

This is yet another demonstration of something I need to talk about a lot more.

Lipstick (for those of you who don’t know it) is basically a toolkit allowing the easy creation of dynamic, fluid, amazing UIs for mobile devices. It is currently the default UX for Nemo Mobile, but creating additional UIs is very, very easy – and can be done in only some hundred lines of QML or so, and the results can be very compelling, as I’m trying to demonstrate here.

I had the idea for writing a Maemo5-based UI a long time ago, mostly to learn QML2. I backported it to QML1, and integrated it with Lipstick for the launching/switching functionality you see here.

The entire thing is written in QML – plus about 4 lines of C++ to load the homescreen.




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