I know it, I know it, I know you guys are waiting for it. Here come another update version 2.1.8, packed with lots of new features and big filter improvements. Oh, and your new picture now got bigger too ! MOLO ^0^

I know it, I know it, I know your guys want to know it. Let me show you, what is coming…. one by one! MOLO ^0^


Bigger is better so MOLO add the option to change the image size to 800×800. Just simple go toSettings Tab, choose “Setting” and then choose your preferred image resolution between 600×600 and 800×800. MOLO ^0^ However please note that larger image will cause a bit more processing and uploading time but it is not so long anyway. MOLO ^0^


Dropbox Integration


In MOLOME version 2.1.8, you will be able to easily sync your uploaded photos with your any single device with dropbox. MOLO ^0^

Big Filter Improvement

In MOLOME version 2.1.8, MOLO did a big improvement on every single Effect Filter. Basically, every filter’s tone is “brighter” to impress you with image’s details.


Image loading is even faster

MOLO got new skill. MOLOME got a new system upgrade called CDN (Content Delivery Network). I’m not quite sure exactly what is it > <”, but now I can fly faster and do photo delivery much quicker on your phone!  MOLO ^0^

Freezing Bug Fixed

Keyboard will not freeze between typing the comment anymore. MOLO ^0^

Facebook login bug fixed

You will now be able to connect with Facebook without any problem. MOLO ^0^

To upgrade or newly install, please launch Nokia Store client and  and search for “MOLOME”. MOLO will wait right there. Hope you all enjoy the new version ! MOLO ^0^