Sharetus, my app for Nokia N9 that allows easy sharing and bookmarking on many popular social media and bookmarking sites, is now available for installation from Nokia Store, for free! Happy, my first app that has been properly released to an app market 😉

Version 0.8 includes the following changes since version 0.5 which was the last public release:

Application icon now shows correctly in the Share UI menu (though might require a reboot)
Target data has been moved out of the code into a JSON file. This file should not be modified.
A new preferences JSON file for user settings, including D* pod, ability to hide targets, reorder them and add custom targets. Unfortunately no UI yet for the latter two, that will come before version 1.0 hopefully soon. This JSON file can be edited at will, it will not be replaced on upgrade.
Added “Copy to clipboard” target. Mainly to get around the current bug in Diaspora* that causes the mobile bookmarklet not to work 🙂

Plugin to Share UI for sharing to various social and bookmarking sites, including;

  • Diaspora*
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • DZone
  • Ping FM
  • Delicious
  • Google Bookmarks
  • Google Translate
  • Digg
  • StumbleUpon

Integrates to Share UI, allowing sharing from any web page.