Dear all Symbian and MeeGo MOLOME users… are you ready to rock with something new? If yes .. it is now your time because MOLO just launched new version of MOLOME (v2.1.5) with many improvement and features on Ovi Store ! MOLO ^0^

This update comes with big improvement and many features. As listed below:

  • 70% of codes are newly rewritten for better performance
  • More than 10 known bugs fixed
  • Much stable and much faster
  • Scrolling is much smooter
  • 7 new filters added: Rosy, Cartoon, Pie Hole, Dreamy Vintage, Rus, Rusticana and Charcoal
  • 3 new sharing options: Flickr, Tumblr and also Weibo !
  • Timeline is now cached locally. You will be able to see your last loaded timeline without having internet connection
  • New Welcome Screen with Popular Photos showed
  • New Login/Register Screen for more convenience
  • Fully supported on incredible 41MP camera phone, Nokia 808 PureView

Hope you guys are happy with the update like I am. Thanks a lot for your always kind support. MOLOOOOO ^0^