Ringmark is the mobile browser test suite developed by Facebook in order to help developers understand which mobile browsers support the functionality that your application needs. The promise is that this will be open sourced and the results of the tests donated to the W3C.


Specifically, Ringmark is comprised of tests of core functionality that web developers need in order to build their apps. For example, orientation lock, which is important for games. Another example is camera functionality for social apps.


Cheng Luo did a quick test between a Tizen developer device, Android and an iPhone. Pictue and Results below:


Ring 0 0 Fail 97 Pass 0 Fail 97 Pass 0 Fail 97 Pass
Ring 1 18 Fail 141 Pass 31 Fail 106 Pass 33 Fail 106 Pass
Ring 2 N/A N/A N/A

Its great to see tizen outpacing the competition so early in the game ! I wonder how it will be when devices start to actually ship. BRING IT ON !

Source Twitter