A Nokia Developer camera example application implemented using the Qt C++ Camera API, and exposed through a QML UI. The Camera Demo application allows users to set camera properties, show the view finder image and capture still images. The application also analyses the view finder image in real time and shows a histogram window about the image. The over-exposed areas are marked in the view finder to demonstrate the pixel manipulation techniques in real-time images.





For more information about using the application and design considerations, see the wiki pages.


  • The ​Qt C++ Camera API used in this example provides relatively deep interaction with the camera when compared to the standard QML camera elements. If you want to develop a camera app in pure QML, see the ​QML Camera Example.
  • Video capture is not supported in the current version 1.1, but is planned for the next version 1.2.

The first screenshot displays the basic camera view. In the second screenshot, the overexposed areas in the viewfinder image are indicated with red color. The last two screenshots show different settings.


Source Nokia Developer