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So there I was, thinking how to get my hands on the N950 some time ago… but then I thought: How will other people will get the N950? Everyone should be able to get the N950…!

All this thinking have made me do something about this problem. A little “case-mod” can do miracles 

I bought a cheap iPhone bluetooth slide-case, and a cheap N9 case on eBay.

I unscrewed the case to get rid of the iPhone case, to just have the bluetooth keyboard with the slider.

Then, I just made holes in the cheap N9-case and screwed the slider on it.

Turn on the device, pair them and the result: N9 with a keyboard!

The only drawback is that there is no Ctrl button. I hope someone can help on this project to add a ctrl key for this bluetooth keyboard. There is a “menu” button which doesn’t do anything on the N9… Maybe we can bind this key to act as a Ctrl key?

I made some pictures on how I did this, I’ll upload them today to share this idea with everybody.

Bluetooth Keyboard:…m=290691737517

N9 hardcase:….m=130589350679


Here are the pictures and the YouTube video:


The bluetooth keyboard itself in it’s original state

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Remove the sticker from the case to get to the screws

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Unscrew the screws

Picture 5:

Picture 6:

Picture 7:
Makes holes on top of the N9 case and place it on the bluetooth keyboard and screw the screws back

Picture 8:
Place the sticker back on top of the N9 case to prevent scratches on your N9

Picture 9:
Result! (This is an early build, that’s why it’s not perfectly centered in the middel)


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