Looks like Nokia are sponsering a device program giving away a total of 100 Nokia N9s and N950s for Coding and Community activities.

One of the goals of this program is to help reducing the list of missing apps (or alternatives & related features)


Read on for the full information and links:

As discussed in the [maemo-community] list,

Nokia is sponsoring a device program consisting of 60 Nokia N9 + 40 Nokia 950 with free delivery.

One of the goals of this program is to help reducing the list of missing apps (or alternatives & related features).

The devices will be distributed through 4 activities:

  • 25 devices for the Coding Competition.
  • 25 devices for the Community Awards.
  • 25 devices for existing community apps being published at the Nokia Store.
  • 25 devices for Qt 5 mobile projects.

75% of these devices should be in the hands of their new owners by the end of June. The Coding Competition runs through the Summer and the prizes will be awarded at the end.

The details of each of these programs are being discussed as we speak.

The Coding Competition planning can be followed here. The discussion about the Community Awards started mildly in the mailing list but it seems that it will be one of the tasks taken by the newly elected Council. I will start the discussion about the New Apps @ Nokia Store + Qt 5 Mobile Projects in this thread, right away.

PS: I just invented the name, feel free proposing anything better if you feel the urge.

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