When Intel announced the birth of Tizen at Intel Elements in Seattle 2011 they mentioned that devices would appear in the second half of 2012.


Intel and Samsung announced their cooperation in September 2011 to develop a new operating system platform based on Intel’s MeeGo and Samsung’s LiMo platforms. The two firms formed the Tizen Association with board members including telecom carriers and IT players such as NTT docomo, Orange, NEC, Panasonic, Sprint, Vodafone, SK Telecom and Telefonica. The association is also working closely with the Linux foundation.


Now it appears that HTC are also joining in with Tizen and also hoping to release device(s) in 2012. The other Taiwan based players companies Acer, Asustek are also reportedly supporting the Tizen project as they did with MeeGo previously.

All of this does signify the possibility of smartphones appearing in 2012 but as yet and we are not sure about netbooks and as for in-vehicle infotainment the best you can expect are demos.


Source Digitimes