Here is a new version of gPodder which is mostly a bugfix release, but also brings a very useful feature to gPodder: The ability to hide downloaded podcasts from the Music app.


While this is nothing new to command-line fans who edit tracker-miner-fs.cfg by hand, there has not been an end-user friendly way to do it. Now there is: You can just flip a switch in the gPodder Settings and hide the podcasts from the Music app (which does nothing more than adding or removing the gPodder directory to tracker-miner-fs.cfg’s IgnoredDirectories list), which is especially useful in a situation where your downloaded podcast accumulate (this happens to me right now – less time to listen to podcasts) and you play your music in “Shuffle all” mode.


Read full changelog Here

The MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan package for gPodder 3.1.2 has been uploaded to Apps For MeeGo and Nokia Store already, it should hit Apps For MeeGo Staging in a few hours (please do the QA procedure for it then, so it can land in Apps For MeeGo proper) and it should hit Nokia Store in a few days when QA has finished


Source thp on Maemo