Here is a run down of StatusNet:

StatusNet for MeeGo makes it possible for Nokia N9, N950 and similar phones to connect to StatusNet compatible microblogging services such as It supports viewing statuses in the phone’s event feed alongside Twitter and Facebook updates, viewing conversations, posting new status updates and replying to other people.

It is planned for this version to be submitted to the Apps For MeeGo repository, and later also the Nokia Ovi Store.

New features

  • Posting updates.
  • Posting replies.
  • Viewing messages in the application.
  • Display full conversations.
  • Load additional statuses from earlier in time.
  • Splash screen while connecting.
  • Improved dbus handling.
  • Asynchronous message loading and posting.

Planned features

  • Support for displaying rich content (pictures, videos, etc.)
  • Ability to mark statuses as being “favourites”.
  • Option to subscribe to new users in the app.



Source Michael Sheldon’s Stuff