Many have noticed an Update for Developer Tools on the Nokia N9 but what many didn’t know at that point is that it closes the security hole that enables Inception to work. Inception allows you to open up the security framework of the Nokia N9 or Root or Jailbreak it which are other loose terms that can be used to describe this.

There has been lots of talk about if opening up a security vulnerability is a good thing or a bad thing and after all is said and done its upto you. YOU need to look at all the pros and cons and decide what is best for YOU.

According to the guys who made INCEPTION it is:

  • Easy. INCEPTION allows you to open up your N9 in less than five minutes, with no need for a PC.
  • Safe. INCEPTION makes no major changes to your N9 on its own – it merely unlocks the door so that you can use your own discretion. INCEPTION can be uninstalled at any time with no side effects.
  • Effective. With INCEPTION, the only limits on what you can do with your N9 are your own. INCEPTION turns the N9 into what could be the most powerful and open handheld device on the market.

INCEPTION makes the following possible:

  • Direct customization of N9 system packages, many of which are open-source but couldn’t be replaced previously
  • Installation of new kernel modules that add advanced functionality to the system, paving the way for applications such as VPN clients, USB host mode, or a more sophisticated Wi‑Fi hotspot program
  • Mounting any filesystem, including those built with FUSE – such as sshfs or TrueCrypt
  • Complete disablement of Aegis, for users that want the N9 to function more like a traditional Linux desktop
  • Community-provided upgrades to the operating system, much like the Nokia N900’s Community SSU project

For the full installtion instructions and download, please got to Inceptions Website.