Lots of users are still not happy with the fact that Skype on the Nokia N9 does not support Video Calling, Well Arun Lall has started a petition at Change.org !!!


The Nokia N9 has front facing camera and recently a Gtalk video call app has been released. The problem is, not everyone has their contacts on Gtalk. It is difficult to convince all your friends to make a new, different account just to interact with you. This would be hard on those who depend on video calls to keep in contact with their loved ones abroad. It would make life so much easier if Skype video call made it to the Nokia N9 (meego harmattan). This feature is already available on the predecessor, the N900. It should not be difficult to port it to meego. I guarantee that thousands of N9 users would gladly like to have this on their new piece of history.

Click on over to Change.org and add your voice !!!