Steelrat is Nomovok’s multi-purpose operating system based on Linux. It was created after realizing that in most embedded systems that we build for our customers, the requirements for the base platform are very similar, if not the same. We wanted to prevent reinventing the wheel. Thus, Steelrat was born.

Steelrat attempts to solve a universal problem encountered often in the field: we try to find the common denominators for embedded systems in existence today, be it mobile phones, tablets, automotive infotainment or industrial automation systems. Based on this understanding, we build a platform that meets the needs of most embedded systems, enabling fast product creation, regardless of the industry branch our customer operates in. Industry specific add-ons will be added or implemented on top of Steelrat core.

Steelrat core relies on open standards and open source technologies. In addition, we bring in our own building blocks to get the most value to our customers.

We use Steelrat in most of our customer deployments, from devices that fit into the palm of your hand, to systems that require four wheels to carry around.


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