Here comes Opera Mobile 11.5 for MeeGo netbooks and tablets running on Intel Atom processors, Not for the Nokia N9.

Changes in this build include a hybrid mouse/touch input method which adds support for mouseover events while still working on touchscreens. “To try it out, use the -usehybridinput command line argument when launching.

As with other Labs releases, this build has not gone through full release testing, but it should work well enough to have some fun with. To install, download this package, and run the following command in a root terminal on your device:

rpm -i Opera_Mobile-Labs-MeeGo-11.50-38.i386.rpm

Or, if you have a previous version of Opera Mobile installed:

rpm -e Opera_Mobile-MeeGo
rpm -i Opera_Mobile-Labs-MeeGo-11.50-38.i386.rpm

Alternatively, if your MeeGo install has Intel’s AppUp store available, you should be able to find Opera Mobile there in a few days as a free download.

Release notes:

  • Added data usage view: see how much bandwidth you have saved with Opera Turbo.
  • Updated Presto engine to 2.9.201.
  • Hybrid mouse/touch input events support for touchscreen netbooks.

Known issues:

  • Portrait orientation on tablets is not supported.
  • HTML5 video is not supported.
  • Flash is not supported.