Vgrade is a MeeGo community member that has been increasingly involved with the Mer Project and also Plasma Active. Below he talks about his journey with these technologies so far:

Since the Intel Announcement of MeeGo a small team has formed around the Mer project ( with a view to produce a small core set of packages required to build devices from interactive bus stops to alarm clocks. Mer provides the core packages and you add a hardware adaptation set of packages (eg, kernel, pulse audio config, gfx drivers) and your UX of choice. We have adaptations running on ExoPc, Ideapad, Advent Vega, Trimslice, Asus Transformer, Pandaboard, Beagleboard, N810, N900, N950, Raspberry Pi and on the UX side nemomobile, QtMediaHub, QtDesktop, Cordia and Plasma Active.

I’ve been involved in device adaptations of the Advent Vega and compulab Trimslice (Tegra2 based) and Raspberry Pi and in the last few days in the integration of the Nokia N950 with the Plasma Active UX.

I wanted to get Plasma Active running on ARM so took the existing packages which were only building for i586 and did some work to build them for ARM targets. The N950 with Plasma active is surprisingly usable for a UX which was designed for tablet,


The work in progress in the community around Mer can be found here

And the N950 image is available here

Thanks to the Mer and Plasma Active Teams especially Stskeeps, Sage, cxl000, mingwinandroid, mdfe for their help.