If you like MeeGo and you speak Chinese then have we got a treat for you. Amanda Lam has reviewed the Asus Eee PC X-101 in Chinese. Below is the Intro and some Pics, but click on the link at the bottom for all the info:

Asus Eee PC X101, now on sale in Hong Kong and various other places, is an ultra-thin netbook equipped with MeeGo operating system. It is one of the very few netbooks that are equipped with Linux-based operating system since Windows became the default operating system for the Eee PC series a few years back. So what’s so special about this product? Asus Hong Kong is kind enough to lend an engineering sample of X101 to the Hong Kong PDA User Group (HKPUG) for some product reviews. As an executive member and podcaster of HKPUG, I have got the chance to play around with it. Let me share with you some of my findings about this amazing product!







Source DaDaBlog.net