If your reasonably into the Gadget / Tech scene you will have seen the viral Marketing efforts of TabCo and only a short while ago they have released their latest and dare I say greatest Ad to date following on from this Tweet:

The Moto of the story is don’t be a Lemming:

There is another way:

Heres the Video:

This is their new take on this classic 1985 SuperBowl spot. Don’t be a lemming.

Here is the Original 1985 video:

I’ve had a few discussions, with a few people about Who TabCo are and its Obviously Not Apple (Duh!) and for saying they are reinventing the Wheel then its Not MicroSoft. But I’m not going to get bogged down into exactly who they are, but only to say, with Marketing like this, I hope its MeeGo that they support as an OS 🙂 All will obviously become clear on 15 August 2011