Looks like timoph has been a busy little bee:

I spotted today that the needed KDE and plasma active packages compile succesfully for arm in theMeeGo community OBS so I just had to try to run it on top MeeGo N900 Community Edition.

Heres a Video of the Action:

I think the KDE people are on the right track with this and really hope that the MeeGo community edition will be offering the plasma active desktop at least as an optional UX in the future.

For people interested in trying this: check out the instruction in the plasma wiki page – Although those make it sound simple I had to download and manually install some of the packages. Mostly because of zypper not seeing noarch packages in MeeGo 1.2 arm images.

Funny that vgrade also did pretty much the same experiment today. The difference is that instead of installing the packages he build an image with the plasma desktop. Guess I’m not the only one wanting to see active desktop running on MeeGo 🙂


Source:  timoph’s blog