Great News, An Extra 50 Nokia N950s for Developers. So this is how they would like to proceed:

  • Candidates MUST have real open source code published and functional via Qt Creator simulator/emulator, Scratchbox, running in similar platforms e.g. Maemo, Symbian, Linux desktop… It can be unstable and far from complete, but we want to see real work done already as a primary way to filter candidates.
  • Candidates MUST list themselves below, providing a short summary and link(s) to the project(s). Requests done through any other channels will be ignored by this program.
  • Randall (Texrat) and Quim will review the candidates as they arrive and will send acceptance emails until reaching the limit of 50. Community feedback about the candidates is welcome in this thread. The deadline is ‘as soon as possible’.
  • Accepted candidates will be moved to Community_Office/Community_device_program/Nokia#Still_pending and will receive the instructions to get the device through the Nokia Developer Launchpad program for individuals.

Head on over to N950 Extended Program Page to Apply …. NOW !!!!