Drone Taxi is a Game for AR Drone that was inspired by Commodore 64 game space taxi, the idea being to transfer customers between landing pads. The game was developed for the MeeGo Summit 2011 meegathon competition that it won.

The game can run on desktop Linux, Maemo and MeeGo Platforms. Written in C++ and uses Qt, AR ToolKit and eSpeak libraries. The Code is Open Source and can be built on all three platforms without any issues.




Check out the video for all the action:

Code by Ville Ranki, MeeGo port by Ville Kankainen, Graphics by Saila Juuti. Drone Taxi was released at Meego Summit 2011 at Tampere, Finland.

Source code is available as tarball here …until a different svn/git repository is found to upload it to somewhere.

Source / Contact: YouTube