It seems like Tommi Laukkanen has really got the QML under his Skin. He is the creator of TwimGo (Twitter App newly based on Qt & QML), Kasvopus (Qt Quick, QML and JavaScript), DoodleDrive (Alpha version QML) and now shows his hand at an e-Book reader type app.

The inspiration behind it is the iPad app “Flipboard”, with animated page turning. Heres the video:

The effect was created as below:

Flipable element which is clipped with parent Item element so that only the half of the flipable is visible at all times. The flipable element contains a duplicate page content as the underlying element which is just created with HTML formatted Text element. I also added a flavor of shadow to the Transition animation so that inner part of the fold seems a bit darker. Shadow was created with transparent gradient image.

QML Source code is downloadable from here.

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