Another day and luckily another User Interface that’s being developed for MeeGo. Similar to the Bubbles Interface that we showed by Digia, this one takes the concept a tad further. Instead of having a foreground and background for Apps, this UI takes on a new concept of Layers.

We have started to new demo concept called Multilayer Parallax Desktop. In this video you can see the first version which our developers have built less than in two weeks with Qt Quick/QML.

The idea is to have several layers on top of desktop and you can navigate between layers.

Each layer can contain desktop widgets so for example you can use layers to categorize similar kind of widgets to the same layer, if you want.

Parallax Layer Desktop also provides an application menu for opening apps and a task switcher which you can use for switching between running apps or for closing apps.

We run the demo on the video on MeeGo netbook.