Included in the latest release of the Nokia Qt SDK is a Notification API. This is available as a plugin to the Nokia Qt SDK and will offer real-time information enabling applications push updates.

The challenge

Once you dig into the details you uncover some serious user experience problems. Battery life plummets when multiple applications independently implement polling or push processes to drive consumer engagement. The resulting inefficient radio use drains the battery quickly, and frustrated consumers learn to turn off updates so their device can last the whole day. They end up crippling their treasured smartphones into the functional equivalents of basic feature phones. It’s like running a Ferrari at 50km/hr because you don’t want to run out of petrol – no one is happy.

The solution

The answer is cooperation. Nokia along with other device manufacturers have looked at ways to address this key consumer experience issue and are pleased to introduce a shared-push notification service which can be enabled on 3rd party apps using the Notification API. With the service enabled, applications on Nokia devices don’t need to constantly poll or maintain multiple connections across the network, saving both bandwidth and battery life. This helps developers to differentiate applications so they can more easily penetrate the worldwide market of existing Symbian and future MeeGo mobile users.