The MeeGo Developer site is now live. Offering the Linux SDK & MeeGo Tools downloads as well as Guides and references.

The MeeGo developer offering is based on the Qt SDK and API and includes the most recent releases of Qt Quick and Qt Mobility. With this powerful platform and the extensive documentation available, you can create Qt applications that target the different MeeGo UXs. From the MeeGo SDK you will be able to control the full application development cycle.

MeeGo is a standard Linux platform offering additional public APIs provided by dozens of platform’s components. Even if you can technically use those APIs, the MeeGo project encourages developers to use the official API in order to assure the compliance and compatibility of your applications across releases.

So if you would like to release the developer in you then head over to MeeGo Developer Site . Use the Username: meego and Password: developer